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"I was in need of a lint brush and now that we have a dog I definitely needed a new one. I don’t like the one with the sticky paper. I just don’t feel like they do the job as well. I have used it several times and I feel like gets the job done. I haven’t really tried to clean it so I’m not sure how well that works."


"OMG, it works! I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it removed Ms Trudy's hair from my coverlet. No more expensive lint rollers. Easy to get the base off to clean it, I'm getting another one, Highly recommend this!"


"I have lots of cats and lots of fur. Cleaned an old towel I have been using to cover the top of a cabinet that I have NEVER tried to clean before. All the accumulated fur just wiped off - no hassle at all. I was a little skeptical about ease of emptying the holder but the VERY large wad of fur came out easily. The thing I am reviewing IS BY FAR THE BEST AND EASIEST THING I HAVE EVER USED FOR REMOVING CAT FUR. I have 2 of these now!"


"I absolutely love this lint brush. It works great and it's easy to use. I have done all my furniture and even the carpeted stairs. Amazing! I had to give a review. You can use it over and over. You slide the handle in and out of the container and it comes out perfectly clean. Then when it's full you just take the container apart and dump all the hair into the trash."


"For the price, absolutely worth it! This is wonderful! I have one kitty and he has super long white fur so naturally everything I own is covered is furry. I saw an ad for this on instagram and I was blown away, I decided to give it a try and honestly I am not disappointed! It works on everything, I cleaned the couch my comforter and even the cat shaped spot on the floor after I finished brushing him out. The cleaning device thing works very well, you just stick the brush in and pull it back out and it’s ready to use again. I have quite disgusted out how to to use open the thing to empty it but I’m sure I’ll get it someday. But till now I’m just enjoying not having the sticky fur removers that barely work. Thank you!"


"This product completely rocked my concept of hair removal. My roommate has two cats and they love laying on the furniture a bunch and have a dedicated chair in our living room. Their chair was covered (and I mean REALLY covered) in cat hair. I unboxed this baby and it completely changed the chair. I would say that it is a little difficult to get used to the way this needs to be used (each side goes a different way so you have to go in one direction while using a single side.) Ultimately, this think is a life saver. My lungs are already thanking me for the decrease in cat hair!!"


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